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Mat Pilates can help you enhance flexibility, build core strength, recover from injuries, or simply attain overall mind-body harmony. Our instructors are here to guide and support you every step of the way.


This 50-minute class consists of Pilates exercises taken from the classical method developed by Joseph Pilates. You will gain awareness of breath and create body awareness. You will be taught the fundamentals of Pilates at a pace that will increase muscle strength, flexibility, and correct your posture. You will leave each class feeling invigorated, and each week, you will feel healthier and have higher energy levels!

Note: Requirement of one class per week. If your schedule does not allow you to attend 1 classes per week, try our Mat Foundations class which allows you more flexibility while still learning the Pilates Fundamentals.


Intermediate Mat 1: Progressions

Once you are familiar with the Pilates fundamentals and beginner level exercises, the intermediate class will take your Pilates practice to the next level. The focus is on gaining a deeper understanding and improving upon body awareness, control and flow. The pace of our 50-minute intermediate class will challenge you!

*Pre-Requisite: Requires completion of the Beginner Level mat session where you would have learned all of the Pilates fundamentals, Level 1 and Level 2 work.  At this point you will have a strong foundation to progress to the Intermediate level and continue to expand your Pilates repertoire.

Our Pilates Instructors

Desiree Deis

I think what made me fall in love with Pilates is how an exercise that looks simple to do can be the most difficult to achieve correctly. From my background in dance, Pilates compliments dance so well! You work your body from the inside out and I find that feeling to be invigorating!  My most rewarding experience since being a part of the Lead team would have to be the expressions left on the clients’ faces after a Pilates class has ended. They are leaving the studio happy, and feeling better than when they arrived.

Inna Cavalcanti

Inna graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte/Brazil. She is also certified in Pilates for Rehabilitation by Polestar Education (Miami/FL). In 2007, she opened her Pilates studio in Natal/Brazil and, since then, has been using Pilates and other physiotherapy modalities to improve the quality of life of her patients. Inna is experienced in treating a wide variety of conditions, such as orthopedic and neurological. Although she enjoys working with different types of clients, she loves seeing geriatric patients. Helping people to be more functional and independent in their day-to-day activities is her favourite part of being a physiotherapist! In addition to English, she speaks Portuguese and Spanish. Inna enjoys exploring the world and meeting new people in her spare time.

Melanie Buchko

We sat down with Mel to learn a little bit more about her!

What drew you to Lead?
Mommy and me class after my first baby. I took it again after my 2nd one too!

What do you love most about working with Lead clients?
I love the knowledge that I gain from working with the clients. I enjoy passing on my knowledge that I have gained over the past years both as a client and now as an Instructor.

What’s your favourite class?

6am Equipment – see you there!

What don’t we know about you that you want to share?

I love the ocean. If I get to go anywhere I always want to go straight to the ocean. I love the salt in the air.

Words of Wisdom?

Tasha Baier

Tasha has been coming to classes and treatments at Lead for years and was part of our ‘behind the scenes’ team prior to stepping into her new role as OWNER!

Tasha is a huge Boston Bruins fan, is a Virgo and played competitive volleyball in highschool.
Family is very important to Tasha. Both of her parents were entrepreneurs and have always shown her unconditional support and love for whatever her passion is in life. Health has always been important to her and a a focus of her life as her dad was diagnosed with cancer when she was only 2, he lived another 30 years and had multiple battles with cancer until his 5th battle sadly took his life. He is her inspiration and the reason Tasha chases her dreams.

As the new owner of Lead, Tasha focuses on integrated health solutions, ensuring that the facility offers the latest trends in health and fitness tailored to individuals’ unique needs.

Why choose LEAD?


Integrated wellness is the heart of everything we do. With our friendly and knowledgeable staff, you can expect the highest quality service, ensuring your wellness journey is not only effective but enjoyable.


  • 9,000 sq. ft. Integrated Health & Fitness Centre
  • Online Booking and Payment
  • Direct Billing Available
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  • Ample, Free Parking
  • Warm, Friendly, and Professional Staff