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Clayton Raynard

Jacqueline Woods Posted by Jacqueline Woods in 1 min read

Clayton’s life transitioned from working in industrial construction to massage therapy when he wanted to combine his passion for sports and the human body with his desire to help people. Competing at a high level in both wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has helped Clayton understand the mind of athletes and he easily relates to them when it comes to self-care. Knowing how body work like massage, chiropractic care, and physiotherapy can improve a competitor’s edge, Clayton was motivated to attend The Professional Institute Massage Therapy, where he graduated with distinction in 2019.

Clayton has found that providing massage therapy treatments offers him a great sense of relaxation and focus. He hopes he can bring this sensation to his clients, as he believes that all massage therapy should be coupled with some form of relaxation to allow his clients’ bodies to heal. He also understands the need to really listen to his clients during treatment and be sure they feel heard with regards to their wellness.

“I believe stress and anxiety is just as harmful to the body as any muscular skeletal injury.”

In his off time, you’ll find Clayton practicing Jiu Jitsu and taking his dog to the dog park. He feels honoured to work at Lead, which he calls a one-stop shop for wellness.