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Jackie has a passion for yoga and has been teaching and gaining more experience and knowledge in yoga and related practices since 2018. She has education on yoga for kids, athletes, myofascial release, and many more areas of interest.

Yoga is not just about the practice. Each practice offers the opportunity to look within ourselves to learn valuable insights, and then apply those to our daily life.

Jackie has been practicing yoga since 2012, she teaches yin yoga and has a passion for incorporating yoga with sport and athletic training for athletes of all ages. Jackie prides herself on giving her students a safe, non-judgement environment to let them be themselves. A space where they can learn to listen to their bodies. Once they are aware of what their body needs on the mat, they can take that knowledge out of the studio to keep improving their quality of life. She loves seeing the transformation of her students from beginning to end of class. When students arrive, they might be tense or stress about their day. However throughout the class, I can see their tension and stress melts away. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing I can help someone feel good mentally and physically.

When Jackie isn’t teaching, she can be found training for triathlons, watching a good documentary or hanging out with her husband and dogs.