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Reed Palmer

Jacqueline Woods Posted by Jacqueline Woods in 1 min read

I played sports as a kid; mainly volleyball, badminton, and basketball. My childhood was not typical as my dad is a performer, so I grew up juggling, riding unicycles, and walking a tight wire. In High school I got into martial arts. This all led me to the health and fitness industry.  I previously worked as a personal trainer and moved into Fascial Stretch Therapy three years ago.

I love what I do because I truly enjoying helping people. Helping make a positive change in a person’s life is something I’m very passionate about. Throughout the years I’ve learned a lot to enable a better quality of life for myself, and I love sharing that knowledge with anyone who is interested!

My main areas of specialty are: functional posture and primal movement patterns, mobility, mindfulness/awareness, pain management, and overall well being. I improve my clients’ quality of life by restoring functional range of motion, increasing joint mobility (or stabilizing for the hypermobile), reducing pain, and improving performance. My focus is on long term sustainability so I put emphasis on teaching my clients how to maintain the progress we make in a session. I do that through teaching movement based stretching, foam rolling, muscles activation/strengthening, and corrective exercise.