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Samantha Gray

Jacqueline Woods Posted by Jacqueline Woods in 1 min read

Samantha graduated from the Professional Institute of Massage Therapist in April of 2021. She specializes in relaxation, deep tissue, and myofascial cupping.

Samantha grew up in Saskatoon and loved playing all sports, especially hockey and wrestling. After attending Walter Murray Collegiate where she was a trainer for both the junior and senior football teams, she decided that a career in massage therapy was for her. As an active member of her community, Samantha decided to combine her love of sport and movement and her desire to help patients improve their quality of life.

Samantha was drawn to Lead because of their wide variety of specialties offered and the opportunity to collaborate with other therapists within the building.

Samantha’s favourite part of being a massage therapist is being able to connect with her clients, helping them improve their quality of life, and watching them grow alongside herself.

I feel that massage therapy is not only physical but mental, and your body holds your stress within itself. Providing a safe, welcoming environment inside of the treatment rooms helps create trust between therapist and client. Having a judgment-free zone makes it easier to understand issues, assess, and finally treat the body as a whole.

When she is not treating clients at Lead, Samantha loves spending time at the lake with her family and playing with her crazy puppy, Luna.